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August 8, 2012
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Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four Fashion Forward! by Ventimiglia Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four Fashion Forward! by Ventimiglia
My submission to Project: Rooftop's Fantastic Four Fashion Forward! redesign contest.

I've never been a fan of the FF so much as a fan of the concept behind them... science heroes, as Alan Moore calls them in his books, have the potential to be the coolest in my mind. It's basically a license to do anything with the characters, after all - any and everything can be related to science.

So with the science hero idea in mind, I went back to the personality and background of each character: Sue and Reed are the only two serious scientists, while Ben and Johnny are more geared toward exploring, and possibly fighting. I wanted the suits to reflect that.

Hence Sue and Reed have the basic suits, a little more similar to lab coats than those of the other two. Ben doesn't require a full suit, at least certainly not for protection, and the top of his pants is styled after a wrestling champion's belt to emphasize his role, though I also felt it was important to bring in the blues in order to tie him in further with the rest of the team.

I was constantly forced to distance myself from the Mass Effect character designs, some of which are - for me, at least - the best sci-fi designs I've seen in a while. It's obvious that influences remain, but I tried to keep it to a minimum.
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Come sempre, un fantastico lavoro. Guardare i tuoi disegni è un vero piacere per gli occhi.
i love what you've done with the thing, the layered rock look is amazing
inkjava Aug 8, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
C'est SUPER!!! Chaque personnage dégage tellement de personnalité! C'est franchement bien réussi, camarade! =D
This is my favorite. Awesome!!!
Thanks very much! Hope the judges share your opinion. :-D
This! This is some next level shit. Bravo. Don't feel any shame in the Mass Effect influence, especially since their most recent costumes were so heavily influenced by the games.
Thanks so much, Daniel! I'm a huge fan of your PR redesigns, so that really means a lot...
ysucae Aug 8, 2012  Professional General Artist

Le logo! L'uniforme! Les poses!
Ils sont tellement vivant. La seule chose que je déplore c'est les couleurs un peu fades, mais c'est peut-être juste mon moniteur aussi. Le couple Sue/Reed est tellement cute. Science times!
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